by Julia Bolshan

Have you ever experienced that? You plan to participate in some event the format of which seemingly doesn't have an element of surprise for you… But when it's over you realise that it was a big surprise after all? You have this long aftertaste, you cannot bring yourself back to «normal»? Constant flashbacks overflow your memory, and for many days you keep smiling for no obvious reason?

That's exactly how I feel after the 4th Souvlaki Tango Marathon in Cyprus, Limassol, 2-6 of May.

Practically all the participants have left, our feet are almost recovered from miles and miles danced at long milongas, we are back to our daily routine, but the festive mood is still there, as well as the sense of belonging, connectedness, of involvement in something huge, great, important, beautiful and kind….

I believe I won’t exaggerate stating that all those who joined our extended but close knit Suvlakeros and Souvlakeras family within the last 4 years would never call this Marathon “one of”… They will refer to it as THE Cyprus Marathon, “THE ONE” to remember and cherish these memories. And the latest, the 4th Marathon was not an exception.

You cannot fail but notice how much love, energy, efforts and care (including about that notoriously important to us girls gender balance) was put in to it by the organizers.

There are several facts which undoubtedly make this event positively different:

  1. All the money organizers collected go straight to Cypriot charities. This year, among others, it was Cyprus Anticancer Sosiety and Center For Preventive Paediatrics Cyprus.
  2. It is an eco-friendly (disposable plastic free) event.
  3. All food (snacks and hot dinner) and beverages (alcohol as well as soft drinks) were provided to all participants unlimited (including a delicious vegetarian option which became an instant hit immediately even among non-veg folk) and were included into registration fee (marathon price).

And OMG, what an impact  into the whole event atmosphere our TangoDJs made! Each and every one is unique, all – massively talented, with a deepest knowledge and huge respect to tango music heritage, they made us forget the time and just dance-dance-dance…

The Marathon geography has expanded this year too. We greeted tangueras and tangueros from 28 countries, including Italy, Russia, Israel, GB, Uruguay, Syria, Lebanon, Canada, USA and Argentina. 


And again for more than 200 people from all over the world SOUVLAKI became not only a famous local dish but also the symbol of great quality, solid organization and hospitality, warmest atmosphere and love of tango we all share.