Just a few words from the ones who took lessons with Evelina... Not only does she had a lot of knowledge and experience and very attentive to details but her positive cheerful personality guarantees you learning combined with having a lot of fun, which, on my humble opinion, is the best combination. I know only one other teacher who has a similar approach, it’s a rare quality, but that will be another story... ???????? So, ladies, please make arrangements for Evelina’s classes! Thumbs up! ????????????

SvetlanaKantarovich about Tango technique with Evelina Sarantopolou

Tango technique with Evelina Sarantopolou

Fantastic teacher and a tango dancer EVELINA SARANTOPOLOU will visit us again and will give only three seminars in Limassol at ReMolina Tango school: two classes of Women Technique and one mixed class for leaders and followers.

Woman technique Part 1 and Part 2: Musicality and adornos. An easy way to perceive the music structure and how to decorate our movement, styling and adornos.
Part 1 on SUNDAY 8 September at 12:30
Part 2 on MONDAY 9 September at 18:30

Mixed class for followers and leaders. The Musicality of the couple
on SUNDAY at 14:00
This class will make it more clear to the ladies how they can “catch” the timing for their decorations.

All THREE classes - 50 euros
Two classes - 40 euros
One class - 25 euros

ALL classes will take place at ReMolina Tango school, Ellados 42 (or Kitiou Kyprianou 37), old Limassol
For more info or registration call 97764417