Tango Seminars byHernan Dionysus Ohaco

From 18 September till 26 September in Dancewaves Dance Academy

Program of Seminars

  1. Milonga, Tango and Vals. Entire class dedicated to the art of Walking. Progression of the step. Dinamic Axis vs Vertical Axis. Close vs Open Embrace. Fundamental technical aspects (advadnced).
  2. Giros en 3 and 2 spots. Technical aspects, improvisation. Connection and disconnection.
  3. Cambios de direccion. From simple to complex. Nuevo and traditional. Dynamic class. Steps and more.
  4. Technical logics.Study of possible and impossible sacadas. The dialogue, creating a complete sequence if your own.
  5. Ganchos y boleos. A class dedicated to use the new techniques for even more complex movements. Market of Boleos.