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ReMolina Tango School

Leyla is dancing since childhood all kind of dancers. She fell in love with tango in 2004 and since then never stopped loving and educating herself in this wonderful and sophisticated dance. Leyla took various courses in many countries, and of course in Buenos Aires with many renowned teachers and dancers, visited many tango festivals and workshops around the world. Started teaching from 2009 while living in Barcelona. And since 2010 is teaching in her own school in Cyprus, as well as organizing a weekly milonga in Limassol. The school regularly invites guest teachers from Argentina and all over the world. She believes that dancing in general is very important for people, for improving their cultural and spiritual level. Argentine Tango on top of that, stands out in its unique way of communication between partners, in the way it teaches the dancers about themselves and about the community around them. And above all tango teaches to enjoy the present, this joy and pleasure of the present moment in the embrace of another person, when the time stops and you don’t think the routine thoughts of the day, and just enjoy “the now”. It let you feel the pleasure of creation, of co-creation, when two dancers improvise together, and the dance is literally born in their embrace. Address Ellados str. 42 old Limassol, Cyprus Tel 25-750001, 97764417