Grigoris and Sophia

Grigoris Adamidis Professional Argentine Tango Instructor with dancing experience since 2013 and teaching since 2015. Since the beginning, Grigoris is constantly seeking for more knowledge and improvement of his abilities to a high-level professional tango dancer and instructor, dedicated to develop strong tango dancers. Grigoris has teached in several dance studios in different cities of Cyprus being based always in Limassol. Today, his group classes are being held at Dance Studio Moon with the assistance of his partner Sophia under the name of the team he has created, Tangoneón Limassol. Sophia Chatzipavlou A real talent, experienced in lots of different kinds of dances since the age of 8. After more than a decade of dancing particularly modern and latin dances, Sophia was introduced to tango in 2017. She started as student of Grigoris and from the very beginning because of her love to tango and her high potentials, she had become his dance partner. Since then, together they have attended to many seminars and workshops with different teachers from all over the world.

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