Demián García

Cyprus, Limassol from 14 till 25 of June

Demián García is a dancer, teacher, jury member and choreographer with integral artistic studies. He developed his career in two different and complementary areas with the same intensity: the artistic and the pedagogic. He has performed in many famous shows in Buenos Aires and he participated as a jury member in several important championships of Tango de Pista and Tango Escenario, and as an artist and teacher in numerous international tango and dance festivals. He toured the world over 30 times, performing in concerts and shows and giving workshops in a large number of countries and cities. He gives regular lessons in Buenos Aires at Salon Canning, Club Gricel and the Escuela Mundial de Tango. The quality of his teaching and his dedication to details allows the students to develop their dance in a harmonious and personal way. He fluently speaks English and Spanish, and also speaks some French.

Here you can see just a small part of possible workshops with Demián:

  • Demián’s Tango favorite movements and ornaments for women and men
  • Vals: musicality, Chained movements and “Vaivenes"
  • Milonga + Traspié + Turns and ornaments in milonga
  • All about Turns Turns in “apile” position (leaning towards each other) or in Salon style, musical variations, with sacadas or enrosques and options to enter and getting out from them
  • Lady’s technique from the man’s point of view 
  • or any other topics you might be interested

Contact information:

Tel. +35799555146 (Olga)