Cyprus Tango Academy Dancing School

Cyprus Tango Academy's Team proudly has over 100 Dancers who either individually or in groups, present distinct appearances and tango dance performances in the Cyprus Tango Community's Artistic Activities. These are crystallized in a wide collection of videos in our YouTube Channel : Cyprus Tango Academy.


The Cyprus Tango Academy has been established by Giorgos Raptis on January 2010. Giorgos Raptis is a Dynamic Presence in the Cyprus Tango Community, since he was apprenticed for one year close to Gustavo Naveira in Buenos Aires.Tango Academy's Teaching Approach follows the Main Principles of Gustavo Naveira 's Method.

Giorgos Raptis has taught the Majority of the Leading Dancers in Cyprus .He specialized in Argentinean Tango, Vals and Milonga, and he completed his education by studying the Musical Values and their Transformation into the Dance Steps.
Stella Sifaki has apprenticed close to Giorgos Raptis since 2003. She traveled in Buenos Aires and participated in a variety of Seminars with elected teachers. In the year 2014, Stella Sifaki composed her first Choreographies for Tango Academy on Women's Technique! Tango Zone and Objective Tango hosted these Videos and gave them a Great Success and Thousands of Views.
The next year, on May 2015 , Stella organized the 1st Cyprus Tango Dance Festival with Kalganova Eleonora and directed the 14 mini performances with 14 Dance Couples of the Cyprus Tango Community composing the First Tango Fashion Show in Cyprus.
In the year 2019 Stella organized her 2nd TANGO FESTIVAL in Cyprus in which performed elected Tango Teachers of the Cyprus Tango Community with a great success.
Stella Sifaki specialized in Choreographies, Musicality and Video Editing.
Giorgos Raptis and Stella Sifaki manage the Cyprus Tango Academy Dancing School at Omirou 18, Strovolos, in Nicosia and in Limassol at Nikou Anastasiadi 7, Limassol 3076, (Giorgos Raptis) and Mahatma Gandhi 9 Limassol (Stella Sifaki)