Beginners group at ReMolina Tango School

Why TANGO? Well, because tango is more then a dance, it is a feeling you dance, your emotions, your character, your kind of embrace, your improvisation! Because you discover a WORLD where you feel fulfilled, and appreciated and part of community of tango dancers throughout the world, uniting people of all ages and background.
You also learn new things about yourself, your partner or just other people, you learn to connect with yourself, with the music, with others... or with nobody!
You investigate and learn about deep and colouful tango culture, named by UNESCO a part of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity . And finally simply because it is a BEAUTIFUL and elegant dance! Once you master it of course!

All lessons will take place in Limasson at ReMolina Tango School.

Address: Address Ellados str. 42 old Limassol, Cyprus

For more information:

tel. 97764417 (Leyla)